some of our case history about organizations operating in different markets in which the correct use of data and technologies has generated a concrete competitive advantage.


how the artea team has been able to generate unprecedented solutions perfectly aligned to precise organizational needs.


the advantages that your company could get from tailored AI and Machine Learning based systems.

  • AI Manufacturing

    Monitoring and predictive modules for factory process

    Data are the only way for a plant manger to master production processes. Because of the complexity of plant data, the capability to focus on each single anomaly is beyond the human one ...

  • Health Care Assistant

    Clinic in Cloud

    Clinic in cloud offers a real WebAPP as the main input and presentation layer for its customer. Both patients and clinical people could use it to see data or to insert/update. Open API and a worldwide marketplace ...

  • Beyond Telemetry

    Data Fusion for new era Telemetry

    Mechanical stresses and extreme conditions during the race could corrupt these data. Futhermore some kinds of signals such as audio and video require specific data processing pipelines ...

  • AI CyberSecurity

    AI based sniffing anomaly detector

    Data is transported on physical layers as TCP packets. Each of this layer could have a throughput of 100gbit/s. Being able to process these data could show hacker attacks or network malfunctions ...

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