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AI Manufacturing

Monitoring and predictive modules for factory process

Data are the only way for a plant manger to master production processes. Because of the complexity of plant data, the capability to focus on each single anomaly is beyond the human one. Artificial Intelligence becomes the best Assistant to support production: it is able to monitor all the events, to identify anomalies, and to support the decision process. has kicked off the AI Manufacturing project for a big Manufacturing company Headquarter, deploying an enterprise architecture to support users and allow local app development.

  1. Enterprise Architecture
  2. The services based architecture has been designed to ensure the maximum reliability and data security. It is hybrid, both on premise and on Azure Cloud.
  3. Supporting Data Scientist
  4. Architecture deployed support Data Scientist exploration: data are easily processable, machine learning algorythms could be easily moved on production.
  5. Time to market matters
  6. One week is the average effort to start monitoring a new plant line with one of the hundreds of services available.